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Tourist (Visitor)

When assessing your visa application, the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) will consider whether you are a genuine visitor.

A genuine tourist is someone who only intends to visit Australia for the purpose of tourism or visiting relatives/ friends. You are expected to show access to funds to support yourself during your intended visit (generally at least AUD 1,000.00 per month in you bank statement).

DIMA has compiled a "Risk Factor Profile" based on the country, nationality, sex and age group of applicants who tend to stay in Australia unlawfully and/or breach their visa conditions. If you are an applicant falling within the Risk Factor Profile, you will need to convince DIMA that you have a stronger incentive to return to your home country rather than to stay in Australia. Such factors as family ties with your home country, employment, financial and other commitments in the home country, level of income and personal and/or business assets will be taken into account.

The usual visa conditions imposed on visitor visas are "No work", "Must leave Australia within the validity period of visa", "No study more than 3 months", and "X ray for those over 18 years old who intend to study for more than 4 weeks". In some instances no further stay condition may be imposed, which prevents the holder from making further visa applications on-shore with the exception of an application for a Protection visa.

While there is no requirement that you must have a sponsor in order to be granted a tourist visa, if it is likely that your visa will be refused because Immigration Authorities have doubts as to whether you are a genuine visitor or whether you will abide by your visa conditions, you could apply for a Sponsored Family Visitor visa subclass 679. It is granted for a period of 3 months only and has mandatory conditions of "No further stay" and "Must leave Australia within the validity period of visa" in addition to the usual conditions. A security cash bond of A$5,000.00 to A$15,000.00 per person is usually required.


For our Russian-speaking clients wishing to visit Australia we are able to provide the following additional services:

  • Organisation of tours to Australia, including airfare booking, accommodation booking;
  • Individual and group tours around Australia;
  • Various types of excursions conducted by Russian-speaking guides around Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns and other exotic destinations;
  • Professional translation of Russian documents into English;
  • Comprehensive assistance with preparation of your visa application.
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